Welcome to my blog! starringmay.com is a space for my thoughts, words, photos about all things wellness, active lifestyle, self-improvement, love, and nature-related. Here you can keep up with all my blog posts, find out about my acro classes, fun events & workshops, and also shop my favorite items I love online.

Originally from Bangkok, Thailand. I grew up among fun sports and got a chance to train and compete Judo with a professional team as an athlete for 5 years. Now I’m interested in training partner acrobatics and aerial sports such as pole dancing and aerial silk.

Random things I love; watching the rainfall, fresh air & rain in the forest, walking in the woods, freshwater, trees, hugs, nice & soft blanket, cuddle, kids and some classic stories. I’m happy that I get a chance to see the world, to fall in love, to learn, to share and to connect with you guys here.

Love, May x

Special thanks to:

Bjorn Harvold, for your love, the inspiration of loving and hard-working. Thank you for teaching me and supporting me all the way. I love you and thank you for being in my life.

Jan Langr, Thank you for coming into my life, sharing your love, and for giving me a great lesson. I understand and love myself more and more as I walked into your love. I am completed. I love you.

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