Prague, Fall 2018

It seems like all the people in the world stop smiling when you stop loving me, my love. Please don’t blame me, I just have to finish the lesson before I decide to close this book. Since we stop turning the next page, so please help me go through the process of life.

Please accept me as your past. Please smile for me when you see me. I need to be there, right in front of you. I just don’t want to hold onto the regrets about what I want to do but didn’t do.

It seemed like everything falls down when you stop loving me, my love Let’s just meet and watch the leaves turn brown and fall? Like watching our love fall. If I could only have a moment with you, I will embrace it all.

The color of “Fall” at Letna, Praha, Czech Republic

When you fall in love and choose to love someone, you gotta love as you’ll never be hurt and love it deeply with all of you. Embrace the time you have fully… because all the moment will soon pass as there are no moments truly last. Today, you love like there’s no tomorrow. Love as it might be the only thing you can do for people you love.

If those people you love choose to stop loving you, it doesn’t mean that you have to choose to stop loving them too. Life is a journey between the beginning and the end. You gotta learn to accept what love leads you to and just enjoy the process of life.

The color of “Fall” at Sady Na skalce, Praha, Czech Republic

Staying is a choice and you can’t force people to stay in your life. But you, still, can love.

… and remember, you’re loved.
Your heart is full of love. 
You’re here to share love, not just to earn.
So, love and never stop loving.

This love gives me wings. Today my love flies and continues, and we’re just a memory 🦋 … The day when you fall out of love.

Here’re some articles about love that I read during this time it helps me to understand more about love and life. I hope it will help you too.

The Difference Between Choosing To Love And Falling In Love by Paul Hudson
Love Someone Who’s Worth The Pain by Bogart Lee
Is Falling in Love a Choice? By Kurt Smith
Real Love Is a Choice by Seth Adam Smith

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