I’m saying “I love you” to you

I think love is easy and simple. I think when you know that you truly love someone, telling that person “I love you” might be the best thing to do right now. You don’t need to wait for an unpredictable future or a special occasion to say it. Because when you truly love that person, you already know the feeling inside you and you just have to translate that feeling into words.

If saying “I love you” is like giving a flower, give it to the people you love while they’re here to receive it. I hope there’ll be more flowers sending back and forward towards people you love and love you. I hope true love will continue and grow, and never end… I hope our love will never end.

“Every day you live is a day for dreaming. Every day is a day for adventuring. And every day is for sharing with people you love, because love’s all that lasts. It’s the only thing we carry out of this world. It connects us all, in the end.”
― Natalie Lloyd

“Thank you for your love

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